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This week, the SeeVirtual Blog is featuring Trina Brady. Trina is a realtor with Homelife Benchmark Realty Cloverdale who specializes in the Cloverdale/ Clayton Heights area. She stands out because she has embraced technology and social media. Trina is a Paperless Realtor, she uses Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, LinkedIn, has multiple Blogs, and incorporates video.

How does she find the time to be so well connected? Trina uses tools that allow her to connect throughout the day. Her weapons: iPhone, Tablet PC, Dashboard for signing documents, mobile printer, MyFax fax-to-email service, and an exchange server. Trina does not use a desktop computer so her office travels with her which allows her to do anything, anywhere.

What motivated her to use the paperless approach? Trina cites the evolution of technology, the way buyers and sellers are more involved these days and felt that if she didn’t embrace technology, she would be left behind. She wanted to remain a step ahead of her clients in terms of information. Being paperless also provides a competitive advantage over other agents, especially in hot markets. When multiple offers are involved, Trina can submit an offer in 5 minutes instead of driving back and forth across town.

How does she make real connections, outside the web? Trina has lived in the Cloverdale/ Clayton heights area for twelve years. She has been past director for the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce, the Cloverdale Business Improvement Association, and is currently on the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board’s technology department. Prior to becoming a Realtor, Trina owned two coffee houses in downtown Cloverdale, so she is used to knowing the inside scoop of what’s going on in her town. She is also involved with a referral network of local Cloverdale professionals.

Why does she use SeeVirtual? Trina likes the professional photography and she feels it is a great tool for pre-screening buyers.  She finds it less inconvenient for sellers because she doesn’t have to get them out of the house for unqualified or uninterested buyers. Trina uses SeeVirtual tours as part of her toolbox and appreciates the integrated social media sharing, automatic uploads to Craigslist, YouTube, and Kijiji, which make sure her listings get a lot of online exposure. SeeVirtual gives her more time to do what she does best, which is “helping buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals”. Check out Trina Brady’s latest virtual tour.

Would you like to be one of our Featured Realtors? SeeVirtual is always looking for innovative Realtors to highlight. Contact for more details.


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Customer Reviews

You know that little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that you walk by every day? There’s no chance you’d try it out, is there? What if a close friend told you they had the most amazing meal there. Would that change your mind?

This is the premise behind the influx of online customer review sites. Sites like Google Places, Yelp, Gigpark, even Yellow Pages, have jumped into the action because it is apparent that the public is no longer swayed by glossy marketing materials and highly controlled branding. They want the real goods and they want it from reliable sources who don’t gain anything from sharing their opinions.

If you have not already submitted your business to these sites, now is a great time to do it. Once created, you can then send your clients the links to review you instead of asking for testimonials for your website. Read this article to find out which questions to ask to get the best reviews.

Review sites are also a great opportunity to manage and provide customer service. If you receive a negative customer review, reply to it on the same site and state how you plan to rectify the situation. Anyone reading the negative review will respect your transparency and know that you take clients’ disappointment seriously.

Think of review sites like word-of-mouth recommendations (only through a mega phone) and sign up today!

Have you used SeeVirtual Marketing & Photography? We would love it if you would review us! Click here, here, or here to let us know how we are doing.

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Around the Web this Week

Happy Friday Everyone!

If your website was a house, would you list it? Read this to see if it needs some spring cleaning. We love the orange shag rug analogy. (Danko)

Avoid these common mistakes Realtors make when using social media. (Future of Real Estate Marketing)

Are you still unsure about using social media? Apparently you are alone! Check out this video which highlights the mind-blowing statistics on social media usage. (YouTube)

Speaking of, here are some quick tips and an overview of how you can use each of the social media sites to their full potential. (Inman News)

Now get off your computer and go enjoy the sun!

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Coming Soon…

SeeVirtual will soon be announcing a way to make ordering a Virtual Tour even easier…stay tuned!

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Social Media and Marketing….Around the web this week

We have decided to start a new weekly blog segment here at SeeVirtual. Every Friday we will comb the web for the best links about social media and marketing for real estate from the past week.

Today is our inagural post!

10 Hard Questions to Ask About Your Corporate Social Media from’ s Shane Gibson. He also shares some of the mistakes he has made. Hey, nobody is perfect!

– Do you really need to have a strategy for using social media? Do you think before you talk?  Check out the “Definitive Guide to Social Media Strategy Before Tactics” care of the (that’s Top Rank Blog, not To Prank Blog…we wouldn’t do that to you) to see some of the big players weigh in on the topic.

– Does your site have Facebook “fans” or “likers”? Tomato, tomato…either way, Facebook is making headway in taking over the web! Here are some creative ways to get more fans, er, likes to your Facebook page so you can be part of it all.

– Speaking of, what’s the deal with Facebook’s Open Graph? Are you as confused as everybody else seems to be? See how the Real Tech Guy thinks it’s applicable to Realtors.

We hope you find this segment helpful. Let us know what you think by commenting below. Have a happy weekend!

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SeeVirtual’s New Ride!

Coming to a street near you…especially if you book a virtual tour!

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Canadians most active social networkers in Western world

If you think that social media isn’t an important part of your online marketing strategy to sell yourself and sell your listings… YOU’RE WRONG! According to the latest survey from the Forrester Research Group, 57% of Canadians are active users social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. More importantly for you in the real estate market is that about 64% of Canadians described themselves as spectators — they read and watch social media content but just don’t write or become critics by responding to social media posts. Your prospects are out there looking for content and information, who do you think they will contact once they get a taste of the information they want? The real estate agent who says nothing, OR the real estate agent who is actively talking about market conditions, giving tips and advice on how to navigate the unfamiliar waters, and sharing insights about the best listings available in their area of specialty?

If you think social media is too complicated or too daunting, the best way to start is small (Like our E-myth coach always asked: “How do you eat an elephant?” – One bite at a time). Start with a blog. You can go to and get a free account. Pick the name for your blog to have something to do with your specific farm area e.g. “White Rock Real Estate Blog” or even more specific like “White Rock Ocean View Properties Blog”. Talk about the things you are talking to your clients about: Where is the best place to buy? What units are selling in development X? Which strata to be careful of?” – If those active or spectator Canadians can read and learn that you are the expert in that area, they will contact you to do business.

Start participating now and let us know what you think about social media and what works or doesn’t in real estate by commenting below.

Here’s a video we recorded of Ian Watt, a Vancouver Real Estate Agent, and Steve Jagger, a real estate entrepreneur, talk about their businesses and how social media has taken them to new heights:

For the full story and more stats about Canadians and social media, check out:FP Tech Desk: Canadians most active social networkers in Western world – FP Posted

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