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Happy Halloween from the Staff at SeeVirtual!


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We Support Earth Hour!

We’ve signed up for Earth Hour! What is Earth Hour?

“WWF created Earth Hour to help people that are concerned about our planet and want to show their support for action on climate change.

Earth Hour provides WWF with the opportunity to mobilize millions of people towards global climate change action. At, WWF provides the tools and information necessary to participate, while also tracking participation and measuring results.” From

Earth Hour begins at 8:30 pm Saturday March 28 and ends on 9:30 pm. Over 2,848 cities, towns and municipalities in 84 countries have signed up and committed to this event. 250 cities in Canada alone are signed up and 70 events are planned. Vancouver will be powering down city hall and is asking residents to help darken all of the city skyline in support.

So turn off your lights for an hour on Saturday night and help send the message!

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RE Trade Show

virtual tour at real estate board tradeshow

Our time at the tradeshow turned out to be a successful, and long, day.Visitors were able to view our new updates and products and 3 lucky people won complimentary virtual tours with a total combined value of aprox $1000 in our business card draw!

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