New fines for not having real estate photos of listings on MLS

Unfortunately, this is seen way to often on, MLSxchange, and many real estate websites

Effective October 1, 2010 any Active listings that have been on the MLS® for ten days or more without a photo will be assessed a fine for being incomplete. Last week, the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board issued an all-member memo regarding this new incomplete fine policy. The Board of Directors recently approved the change in response to numerous complaints from members regarding the volume of listings without photos. Currently, over 10 per cent of Fraser Valley’s Active listings do not have even one photo attached to them.

Because the Board no longer has photography services, it is the responsibility of the listing agent to provide photos. Failure to submit a photograph will result in the following charges:
• After 10 days incomplete after entry date: $10 fine
• After 17 days incomplete after entry date: $15 fine
• After 24 days incomplete after entry date: $25 fine to a maximum of $50

Members who currently have Active listings without photos have a grace period until September 30, 2010 to add at least one photo.

SeeVirtual customer’s do not need to worry as we send you photos immediately when your MLS number becomes available. If you don’t have time to take photos or think yours don’t do the listing justice, then it’s time to hire a real estate photographer.


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