Canadians most active social networkers in Western world

If you think that social media isn’t an important part of your online marketing strategy to sell yourself and sell your listings… YOU’RE WRONG! According to the latest survey from the Forrester Research Group, 57% of Canadians are active users social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. More importantly for you in the real estate market is that about 64% of Canadians described themselves as spectators — they read and watch social media content but just don’t write or become critics by responding to social media posts. Your prospects are out there looking for content and information, who do you think they will contact once they get a taste of the information they want? The real estate agent who says nothing, OR the real estate agent who is actively talking about market conditions, giving tips and advice on how to navigate the unfamiliar waters, and sharing insights about the best listings available in their area of specialty?

If you think social media is too complicated or too daunting, the best way to start is small (Like our E-myth coach always asked: “How do you eat an elephant?” – One bite at a time). Start with a blog. You can go to and get a free account. Pick the name for your blog to have something to do with your specific farm area e.g. “White Rock Real Estate Blog” or even more specific like “White Rock Ocean View Properties Blog”. Talk about the things you are talking to your clients about: Where is the best place to buy? What units are selling in development X? Which strata to be careful of?” – If those active or spectator Canadians can read and learn that you are the expert in that area, they will contact you to do business.

Start participating now and let us know what you think about social media and what works or doesn’t in real estate by commenting below.

Here’s a video we recorded of Ian Watt, a Vancouver Real Estate Agent, and Steve Jagger, a real estate entrepreneur, talk about their businesses and how social media has taken them to new heights:

For the full story and more stats about Canadians and social media, check out:FP Tech Desk: Canadians most active social networkers in Western world – FP Posted


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