Featured Realtor for Encore at Hillcrest

If you are looking to sell your townhouse in Encore at Hillcrest we would highly recommend working with Bettina Reid.
She has sold more homes in Encore at Hillcrest over the past 2 years than any other real estate agent as well as helping many clients to purchase in the community. According to Bettina, there truly is no better location in all of Cloverdale with everything at your fingertips from grocer’s, dentists, doctors, banks and so much more. She believes it so much that she just doesn’t work in the community, she also lives there. She is very friendly and really knows how to take care of her clients.

Cool and calm during negotiations and very well versed in real estate contracts, she has saved her clients thousands of dollars in potential losses because of her attention to detail. What other real estate agents will do only if their clients push for it, Bettina does as standard. This includes professional real estate photography, virtual tours, floor plans, and videos. By using the latest technology she gets your home tons of exposure which translates to much faster selling times. You can check out her Encore at Hillcrest website or her own website: www.bettinareid.ca for more information.


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