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Our Green Office

One of our objectives at Seevirtual is to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our recycling program includes recycling of paper, electronics and plastic. We use low energy compact bulbs and have replaced our water cooler with a Brita tap filter. All computers and electronics, other than the main backup, are shut down at night and on weekends when not in use. By replacing the light switch, in our copy room, with a motion detector switch and using natural light, where possible, we are not just saving energy but are saving on our power bill as well. Another idea was to send meeting notes by email to be viewed on the boardroom screen instead of being printed out only to be later discarded.
We are always looking for new ways to lessen our environmental impact and have recently registered with the David Suzuki Foundation Nature Challenge at Work Program. You can check this program out at:


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Interactive Floor Plans

One of our new features within our tours was inspired by a long time customer who suggested we create an interactive floor plan.

The new floor plan overlaps the tour and has ‘hotspots’ and ‘radar’ letting the user click on links embedded within the plan. The links display the panorama picture of each room in the flash viewer, while the radar fans let the user know which direction they are facing within the tour.

These exciting changes make for a better and more complete experience for potential home buyers looking for their next real estate purchase.

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