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Merritt is located in the Nicola Valley, at the intersection of the Coquihalla Highway and Coquihalla Connector. It is within an hour of 2 major city centres and 3 hours to Vancouver.
When you drive into this valley, you see beautiful interior mountains and blue lakes giving you the feel of the old west tucked away from the modern world. Don’t be fooled though, Merritt boasts modern conveniences and culture mixed with outdoor adventure. The city’s mission statement is:
“The City of Merritt is a progressive, attractive, economically viable city that is socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.”
Check out our virtual tours for Real Estate in Merritt:
FireFox users can go to:



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2 responses to “Feature Location

  1. Anonymous

    Link does not work

  2. seevirtual

    unfortunately the link does not work with FireFox, to view the Merritt listings you can go to: http://www.seevirtual360.com/results.aspx?AS=1&CategoryID=1&CityID=889

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