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We’ve launched our new viewer!

SeeVirtual360 now has a new updated viewer with outstanding options and a more modern look. The viewer runs on a Flash platform that loads and displays better with the newer software found on today’s computers.

The still photos run on a rotating carousel so you can scroll though the thumbnails and choose what you would like to see, or just let the slideshow run.
You can tab through to see floor plans, location maps and get the WalkScore of the listing neighborhood. There is even a new option for Social Media Networking.
Check this new viewer out at:

Because we value our customers and the quality product you’ve come to expect from us, we’ve worked hard to give you a marketing tool you can be proud to utilize. You now have a choice between our new modern viewer or our classic viewer, both options run in Flash and both have our the new floor plan layout.


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Feature Location

Merritt is located in the Nicola Valley, at the intersection of the Coquihalla Highway and Coquihalla Connector. It is within an hour of 2 major city centres and 3 hours to Vancouver.
When you drive into this valley, you see beautiful interior mountains and blue lakes giving you the feel of the old west tucked away from the modern world. Don’t be fooled though, Merritt boasts modern conveniences and culture mixed with outdoor adventure. The city’s mission statement is:
“The City of Merritt is a progressive, attractive, economically viable city that is socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.”
Check out our virtual tours for Real Estate in Merritt:
FireFox users can go to:


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What is WalkScore

One of the features we provide on your tour is the ‘walkscore’ of the listing.
The walkscore calculates how close the property is to amenities and if they are close enough to walk to. Whether the listing is in the city or in a more suburban area, this tool can give you a better idea of shopping, parks, recreational locations and their proximity to your possible new home.
This feature is available using the tabs under the tour buttons. Two other tabs provide location and listing details.

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