Put that point and shoot camera away!

Have you ever wondered why some Real Estate images look so much better than others? Skill and equipment! The eye sees differently than the camera does. Your eyes can scan around a room, focus on different spaces and make a smaller quaint room look appealing and warm.

The camera, on the other hand, will capture only what it is capable of seeing, a flat 2 dimensional image that may be under exposed and crooked making your home look small, dark and like it’s sinking into its foundation.

Professional photographers will use the correct equipment to give a wide, level view and a beautifully exposed space. Image Processors take that extra step to even out flaws and show nicely exposed views from natural looking lit rooms. This skill combined with a clean, uncluttered and tastefully staged home can give that wow factor to your listing and bring in more prospective buyers!



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2 responses to “Put that point and shoot camera away!

  1. Anonymous

    I do not understand the sample. You lighten the photo to make the mountains darker?

  2. seevirtual

    No, the process is much more complicated than that. If you expose for the room, the brighter outside areas will be blown out. *see image 1, window is white. If you expose for the outside window view the room will show up as dark.
    To get the effect that your eye can see but the camera cannot, you must use a procedure that involves multiple exposures and blending.

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